loving me means loving every jagged edge of my psyche
it’s the sound of metal colliding with metal and smelling melted rubber pooling out from around you
You asked me for rain and I gave you a hurricane
I am sorry for the waves of temperamental retaliation that demolish every sand castle you’ve build inside my mind
Your neighborhoods of wishful
thinking have all been washed away by misunderstandings and missed calls

You are the salt water filling my lungs and the life preserver pulling me to shore
I used to have cobweb veins and a tombstone beating in my chest
But you took a walking graveyard and turned it into a flesh-and-bone girl with birds nest hair, and bee stung lips that can’t stop
kissing you.

We watch the sun fall and rise,
i know you’re trying to decide which is more enchanting:
the sun exploding cyan skies into fire or how the moonlight gives second chances; like you can be someone else in morning

I am just the doe eyed girl holding onto a cigarette and every word you’ve ever spoken to her.
You told me you saw stars in my eyes but any universe transcends a constellation
I’ve watched you steal comets out of the sky with your magnetism
The shooting stars don’t even get names and I watch them come and go like vagrants disappearing into fire escapes and back alleys
I beg you to let me be a planet instead of a blink of an eye
You always just tell me not to confused lust with love
(but I’m still not sure if I’m a planet or a shooting star)

I’m mesmerized by the way you tell secrets when you fall asleep; if I lean in close enough I can make out most of the vowels but I’m pretty sure you tell ghost stories once you know I’m listening

on every 11:11 the only wish i ever think of is for an eternity of these late nights and late mornings; i know the amphetamines make our lungs weak but our humming bird heartbeats vibrate against each other and I can feel the hum shaking sand from my bones
Please don’t leave me alone;
You give a girl a heart she’s going to want a home